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About us


The organizing team of "Enduro MTB Series" is a very special group of people. We are passionate about bicycles, mountains, traveling, photography and... board games. In our everyday life we work in various fields: marketing, sales, automotive, education, construction. The sum of our diverse experiences allows us to provide events of proper quality, and above all, do it with passion and full commitment. Organization of competitions is also a pleasure for us, the opportunity to visit new places, meet interesting people and learn how to cope with unexpected scenarios. Therefore, you participants, and we organizers live in a kind of symbiosis, without us there would be no competition, but without you there would be no one to do it for. Thank you for being with us for another season, for co-creating the spirit and character of our events! Please encourage new people to take part in enduro so that it continues to develop and grow stronger.

See you on the trails!

Our team:

Grzegorz Miedziński -chief organizer, talks a lot and works even more, has organized more than 70 cycling races

Ewa Miedzińska - Grzegorz's right hand, with lots of great, extraordinary ideas and a beautiful smile :)

Ania Stawicka - coordinator of Pokojowy Patrol volunteers, first aid trainer

Łukasz Putz - tracks co-author, responsible for electronic time measurement and results, and many other things if necessary

Łukasz "Devil" Sawicki - tracks co-author, who cleans and signs them until the end (which may have ended in hospital once or twice)

Michał Lalik - the best bike blogger in Poland (1Enduro), journalist and enduro knowledge repository

Karol Daniluk - the man for everything - race base, feeding station, bike wash, minor extortions and race driving our Iveco van

Pokojowy Patrol - dozens of people, too many to mention by name. Without their help and presence, this race would be just a small, meaningless project